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After three days and 516 km on the beautiful routes of Thessaly Region, the Regularity cars completed the event, which proved to be one of the most demanding, even for the most experienced crews.
The interest remained unchanged until the end, justifying the predictions that spoke of a high level of competition. Indicative, of course, is the gap between the first and fourth crew, which is no more than 2.6 penalty points.

Themistoklis Kontaratos - Julious Iatridis claimed the victory at the Historic Rally of Greece 2017 in a Porsche 911 SC. With excellent precision and consistency, they managed to maintain the lead from leg 1 through the finish with only 31 penalty points. George Katsaounis - Matthew Mansolas in a VW Golf GTI finished 2nd overall, thanks to their very good performance during leg 3 and a total of 32,8 penalty points. Spyridon Moustakas - Nikolaos Moustakas in an Alfa Romeo Alfasud Ti claimed a podium finish with 33,1 penalty points, a marginal gap of only 0,3 points from 2nd!
Christian Crucifix - Joseph Lambert in a Ford Anglia finished 4th overall, resulting in a co-drivers’ title for the FIA Trophy for Historic Regularity Rallies.
Despite their poor performance in leg 3, Economou George-Economou Nikos managed to secure the title in the Greek Regularity Championship.

KONTARATOS Themistoklis: “It was a nice, competitive rally, with peculiarities and several pitfalls up to the end. Consistency was the key to win.”

KATSAOUNIS George: “A wonderful rally. It’s the first time I compete as a driver and I have to say that it’s far more better than I expected. Matthew Mansolas was excellent in co-driving. We passed through picturesque places, the rally was challenging with some super stages being faster than expected. It was fun.”

MOUSTAKAS Spyridon: “We are pleased with the result; our performance was good. The rally was quite difficult and this is evidenced by the fact that yesterday we made a major mistake. It was good for beginners as well as for experienced participants. There were, however, some issues that we have discussed with the organizers.”