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The Ceremonial Start of the 2017 Historic Rally of Greece took place at the Ancient Theater in Larissa in front of hundreds of spectators who took the opportunity for a closer look of some of the most important historic rally cars but not only.
The 27 crews that compete for the FIA Historic Regularity Rallies Championship, have took the Ceremonial Start ramp, followed by the 28 Greek crews that will participate in the Greek Championship and the Northern Greek Cup.
The Ceremony, apart from the crowd, was attended by many representatives of the State and of course by the local authorities of Thessaly Region and Larissa city, which host the event.
Right after the Ceremonial Start, the 27 classic cars headed to the 1st Leg of the rally, of 49 km.



1 MASCAGNI Massimo - FARSETTI Fabrizio
“It’s the first time for me in Greece; I’ve seen some pictures and I like it very much. I know some of the drivers. The competition level is high. Greek drivers are very good and we will have a fight against Themistocles Kondaratos for second in the European Championship.”

2 CRUCIFIX Christian - LAMBERT Joseph
“It’s a totally new experience for us, we don’t have any knowledge of the area. Many good drivers participate, it’s interesting to see what will happens.”

3 KONTARATOS Themistoklis - IATRIDIS Julious
“Our aim is to enjoy the rally. At the end we’ll see what happens. The stages seem to be nice and there are at least eight entries capable of going for the win”.

4 EKONOMOU George - EKONOMOY Nikolaos
“We are ready for the rally. It’s our first time over here. The entries are very good and the competition is expected to be intense. Our goal is victory”.

5 DOUROS Anastasios - BOZIONELOS George
“It’s a fact that we are a bit anxious. Tonight’s stages are quite easy, despite the fact that we don’t have knowledge of the road. Competition level is very high but there are not many entries”.

8 MOUSTAKAS Spyridon - MOUSTAKAS Nikolaos
“There is always some anxiety before a rally start. Our aim is to defend last year’s preeminence. Competition is intense, as there are ten crews heading for a podium finish”.